Mike Shreve's1970 "Boss 351" with FAYS2 Watts Link at SAAC does Vegas 2005

The only Watts Link made exclusively for 1965 through 1973 Mustangs and Cougars

To Jim Fay:

Now that I've had a chance to sit back and relax from the Vegas trip I've had some time to collect my thoughts and write down some observations about the FAYS2 watts link.

When you initially asked me (after 1st & 2nd runs) if the car felt any different than before the watts link install I honestly had a hard time distinguishing since the last time drove the car "hard" was at the Road America event last August so I had obviously lost my "seat of the pants" feel. After disconnecting the link it was easy to make a couple of observations:

1) With the link hooked up, when coming down the straightaway and braking for a corner the car was much more stable under hard braking and the rear of the car felt more level as it entered and continued through the apex of the corner. This was apparent to me when I looked at video of the car both with and without the link hooked up. There was definitely more rear body "lean" without the link hooked up.

2) The car hooked up much quicker coming out of the corner (particularly hard right handers) with the watts link on. With the link disconnected I noticed much more wheel spin out of the right rear (on right hand corners). Others watching also commented on this.

3) As windy as the Vegas course is (compared to Road America) I noticed much more stability on side to side loads, particularly going through the esses, than with the watts link disconnected.

4) One of the easiest visual effects of driving is how you catch up to, maintain, or loose ground to other cars out on the track with you. There was a run group of cars earlier in the day (when watts link was hooked up) that I could pass pretty much at will if passing were allowed anywhere on the track. When we disconnected the link I had a much harder time keeping up, let alone passing some of these same cars.

Jim,for the $675 price range that you are selling it for I would tell you that, for the dollar spent, your link gave the car a more immediate seat of the pants positive result than any other suspension upgrade that I've made to date. Over the past 4 years I've spent upwards of $6,000 on control arms, springs, shocks, brakes, bump steer, bracing and other items but your watts link already has had the most significant impact.

Mike Shreve Broken Boss Ranch Montana

Please contact Jim Fay at 920.279.0875 8 am to 8 pm Central Time