Frequent Questions

Q: I don\'t race my car. Why would I want a watts link? A: Actually The FAYS2 Watts Link will often make the biggest difference on a street car with relatively mild suspension upgrades or none at all. Without upgraded shocks, springs or sway bars the axle will move around under the car even more than with improvements. You may find the The FAYS2 Watts Link will give you the improved control you are looking for and still retain a comfortable ride for the street.

Q: Is the FAYS2 Watts Link legal for vintage racing? A: Most vintage organizations will allow a panhard bar or a watts link. In fact, the 1970 Bud Moore Cars had a watts link and they were, as we all know, very successful.

Q: Does it make noise when I drive? A: You will notice no additional ride noise.

Q: If the watts link is so good, why aren\'t there more companies making them. A: Actually many cars from Detroit and imported makes do have a watts links or panhard bar on them for lateral control. Of the two the watts link is symetrical in it\'s control and is usually found on exotic imports. When we wanted to drop our lap times without a bigger motor we looked for suspension options for the early Mustang and found few options in a bolt on watts link or panhard bar. So we decided to build a first class product and offer Mustang owners a big handling improvement at a reasonable price that is easy to install.


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